Functional Safety courses can be delivered either at one of our offices in Teesside or we can bring the training course to you, easing the need for transportation and time away from the site for your employees.

Our bespoke training courses and workshops are based on standalone modules, which can be tailored to meet individual client needs and enables us to be able to determine the client’s needs and deliver quickly.

We are able to deliver a TUV certified Functional Safety Technicians course in-house at your site, the training course is based on the requirements of IEC 61511 and the expectations for a technician who will be completing the maintenance proof testing.

Some of the Functional Safety Courses offered by Fulcran include:

  • FS001 – Introduction to Functional Safety Management
  • FS002 – An introduction to the application of IEC61511 and IEC61508 including functional safety and competence assessment
  • FS003 – Saftey Integrity Level Determination using Layers of Protection Analysis
  • FS004 – Functional safety awareness for Operations and Maintenance Staff
  • FS005 – An Introduction to Process Hazard Analysis with Risk Assessment
  • FS006 – An Introduction to Process Hazzard Analysis with Risk Assessment
  • FS007 – SIS Proof Testing – A Practical Approach
  • FS008 – How to write an effective Safety Requirements Specifications
  • FS009 – Functional Safety – A Standardised Lifecycle Approach
  • FS010 – TUV Rheinland Functional Safety Technician (Certified or Attendance)
  • FS011 – TUV Rheinland Functional Safety Engineer (Certified)

If you cannot see the course you are looking for, please get in touch with us for more information.