Fulcran is a supplier of industrial electrical and instrumentation engineering and installation services for the oil and gas, chemical, energy and food and beverage sectors. From small projects and minor works through to large fast track projects, our project management staff, are equipped with the experience and support systems to execute a technically, regulatory and commercially efficient project.


We here to help meet the needs of companies who have equipment installed within hazardous areas covered by DSEAR, Ex, ATEX-CENELEC, IEC, NEC and CEC with a requirement to meet compliance with regulatory demands from completing timely maintenance.


We have extensive experience in all the sectors we operate in and carry out installation, inspection, verification, modification, repair and maintenance services for our clients. Our CompEx certified hazardous area inspection engineers and technicians are highly experienced and work together to ensure you have a Hazardous Area Inspection Program that is fit for purpose and meets the regulatory requirements.


All our Hazardous Area Inspection engineers and technicians are as a minimum apprenticeship trained and hold 17th Edition and CompEx certification and our aim is to help you develop an ATEX inspection program that meets your business needs without being onerous and ensures the regulatory requirements are met.


With our teams operational experience we are able to developed a flexible planning and service response time to ensure maximum working efficiency is applied to any planned or unplanned process shutdowns, ensuring that manufacturing and minimising downtime is our focus.


Some of the ATEX and Industrial services we can offer are:


  • DSEAR and Hazardous Area GAP Analysis
  • DSEAR and Hazardous Area reviews
  • ATEX equipment surveys
  • ATEX inspection software deployment
  • Hazardous Area Inspections (Visual, Close & Detailed)
  • Electrical and Instrumentation system design
  • Installation, commissioning, calibration and repair
  • Appreciation Training of the DSEAR and ATEX regulations
  • Risk assessment


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